Marijuana Class: Week 4

Impaired driving will likely never be tolerated within the law. Even Proposition 19 explicitly states that driving while impaired will remain illegal. However there is no definition given for "impaired." Indeed, there are numerous questions regarding the enforcement of impaired driving laws with respect to marijuana in a legalized environment. Given that most of the testing does not measure active THC in the blood, and given that the specific impairments marijuana causes have not necessarily been documented on a dose-dependent scale, the job of investigating and prosecuting marijuana impaired drivers may be far more difficult.

We will explore the research on marijuana impaired driving and determine what prevention strategies would be most effective for limiting the impact of legalization on road safety. This may include determining the most reasonable advice to provide users with respect to separating their use from the driving, but it may also extend to recommendations for enforcement strategies that may be more effective in a legalized environment.