About AODInitiatives.ORG

AODInitiatives.ORG was launched to disseminate Alcohol and Other Drug prevention materials developed through the research activities of Dr. Jim Lange and his colleagues.

About Jim Lange
Jim is the Coordinator of AOD Initiatives for San Diego State University. He is also an Adjunct Professor for the SDSU Psychology Department and the School of Social Work and Doctoral Faculty for the Graduate School of Public Health. His experience includes serving as lead researcher on a number of projects, and consultant to a wide range of AOD prevention efforts. Dr. Lange was recently selected to serve as one of NIAAA's five Rapid Response investigators.

Working in the AOD prevention field for over 2 decades, Jim has numerous publications on the topic. Click here for Dr. Lange's vitae.

Want to know even more about Jim Lange, then visit his personal site www.jameslange.name.

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